Subject area

Energy: zero emission power generation, effect of energy usage on the environment and ecosystems, comparison of the application of National Programs and Strategies of energy usage and the use of the environmentally friendly sources of energy in the five countries.

Main objectives and aims

  • Exchange of scientific ideas and establishing future research collaboration between participating Universities. This collaboration is the base for establishing teams and networks for future participation in projects, financed by FP7 or by other funds.
  • Approval of new know-how and scientific achievements between the teams and between the teams and the firms, in the context of the FP7 capacity: ”Industry-Academia”
  • Comparison between the methods of adoption and implementation of the European standards and best practices in the five countries. Finding the differences, benefits and disadvantages of different practices. Discussing ideas, emphasizing on the differences between the countries (mainly in legal background, in signed National Programs, accepted stages of development in the National Strategies, etc).
  • Identification of common strategies meant to help the integration in the EU policies concerning the use of environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Brief description of the activities:

  • Introducing Workshop. Concomitant discussed topic: On the zero emission power generation - proposed date of the Workshop - 15.10.2008, start of the project
  • Basic discussed topic: Effect of energy use on environment and ecosystems.- proposed date of the Intermediate meeting - 4.02.2009
  • Final Workshop. Concomitant discussed topic: Solid Waste Management - proposed date of the Final Workshop - 11.3.2009